Trusted Vendors

Legitimate or Malware?

Some software promoting itself as security software intentionally hurts end-users rather than helping them. In an effort to propagate consumer awareness and combat the spread of rogue software vendors, CCSS has created this list of known legitimate software vendors. The listed companies all create and distribute security software legitimately designed to protect consumers. Of course, with the vast amount of software available and the dynamic nature of the market, this list is not a complete representation of all security software, but serves as a starting point to differentiate between legitimate protection and viruses or ransomware in disguise. If your company is not listed and you would like to be included, please send an email to requesting participation.

Software Vendors

Blue Links are CCSS participants. Grey text are non-participants.

Compatibility information is reported by both vendors and software users. Neither CCSS nor its members make any guarantees or representations about the accuracy of such information. To submit compatibility data to the forum please email